It should come as no surprise that the data backs up what supporters of the 2nd amendment have been screaming for decades: Gun ownership deters crime, it doesn’t cause it.

One of the main arguments for stricter gun control is that fewer people carrying around guns will lead to fewer incidents of gun violence.

However, a recent study demonstrates just the opposite and actually supports the case that more guns lead to less violence. From Fox News:

The study by the Crime Prevention Research Center found that 11.1 million Americans now have permits to carry concealed weapons, up from 4.5 million in 2007. The 146 percent increase has come even as both murder and violent crime rates have dropped by 22 percent.

“When you allow people to carry concealed handguns, you see changes in the behavior of criminals,” said the center’s president, John R. Lott, a Fox News contributor. “Some criminals stop committing crimes, others move on to crimes in which they don’t come into contact with victims and others actually move to areas where they have less fear of being confronted by armed victims.”

Furthermore, states with laws making it easier and cheaper to obtain a concealed weapons permit tend to have more people apply for the permits and, in turn, lower crime rates.

For example, in states like South Dakota, where a permit costs $10 and a high percentage of adults own them, crime rates are consistently low. 


George Washington: Would use a simple template and dedicate his blog mostly to his farm work; what crops are doing well and what grows best in what soil, and where to get the best beer in the country. It’s not a terribly active blog. Accidentally became tumblr famous. He’s…

Nobody can plan the actions of even a thousand living persons, separately. Anyone attempting to control millions must divide them into classes, and make a plan applying to these classes.

But these classes do not exist. No two persons are alike. No two are in the same circumstances; no two have the same abilities; beyond getting the barest necessities of life, no two have the same desires.

Therefore the men who try to enforce, in real life, a planned economy that is their theory, come up against the infinite diversity of human beings. The most slavish multitude of men that was ever called “demos” or “labor” or “capital” or “agriculture” or “the masses,” actually are men; they are not sheep.

The Discovery of Freedom by Rose Wilder Lane (via chapitre21-la-narcissique)
I taught constitutional law for ten years. I take the Constitution very seriously. The biggest problems that were facing right now have to do with George Bush trying to bring more and more power into the executive branch and not go through Congress at all, and that’s what I intend to reverse when I’m President of the United States of America.
Barack Obama, 2008 (via priceofliberty)



CO2 Good; Climate Change Bunk; Greens are Raging Extremists, says Greenpeace Co-Founder

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After decades of searching scientists have discovered that a vast reservoir of water, enough to fill the Earth’s oceans three times over, may be trapped hundreds of miles beneath the surface, potentially transforming our understanding of how the planet was formed.

The water is locked up in a mineral called ringwoodite about 660km (400 miles) beneath the crust of the Earth, researchers say. Geophysicist Steve Jacobsen from Northwestern University in the US co-authored the study published in the journal Science and said the discovery suggested Earth’s water may have come from within, driven to the surface by geological activity, rather than being deposited by icy comets hitting the forming planet as held by the prevailing theories.

Sound like we found the Bible’s “fountains of the deep”.

If people will not follow the 10 commandments, they must follow the 10, 000 commandments.

Since society will no longer teach men to take responsibility or women to even use basic common sense, it finds itself legislating thoughts, gestures, and little nothings in a frantic attempt to recreate civility out of “sensitivity”.


Anxiety is practising failure in advance. Anxiety is needless and imaginary. It’s fear about fear, fear that means nothing.
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Do we spend as much time with the Lord in his Word and prayer as we do on Tumblr?
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